Social Media Photo Dimensions July 2013

Marketers say they have 3 seconds or less to catch someone’s eye if they want to get an idea across.

In todays real-time world our in-house designers and non designers work together to create visual content for your brands so that you can win prospects attention and can convert them into customers.

Recent image focused redesign of sites like Instagram and Pinterest, facebook’s news feeds etc are clearly highlighting a new wave of visual content consumption patterns.

Our experience shows that photos generate 53% more views than an average post

To help you get started with visual content, this post will specifically give you a helpful cheat sheet you can bookmark and reference when creating the cover photos for your business’ various social media accounts.

Social Media Visual Content Designs Leicester


See an example here  (Click me)


Twitter Header Image

See an example here(Click me) 

Google Plus

See an example here 


See an example here(Click me) 


  • File size – 4MB maximum.
  • Pixel size: 200 x 200 minimum and 500 x 500 maximum.
  • Logo should be 100 x 60 pixels
See an example here(Click me) 


See an example here


See an example here 

 Just add your creative to a social network’s corresponding slide, save it as an image file, and upload it.


Social Media Designs

Thanks and Regards

Marketing Team.


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