Thinking Green

World Environment Day (WED) June 5th is a day aimed to increase local awareness and promote green issues.

Here at MCS Technologies Ltd UK we aim to make a difference, whether it be building you a Greener Web solution to reducing your Carbon Footprint or move your current Website to a more Greener, Eco-Friendly hosting Solution.
As well as the Eco-Friendly & Sustainable solutions and Tree Planting, we are also incredibly proud to be supporting Green Achiever.Green Achiever MCS Technologies ltd Leicsester UK

Today there are more than 226 million active websites world wide and hosting even the smallest website structure is responsible for at least 40 Kg of CO2 emissions every year, it means that one billion tones of CO2 are annually released to the atmosphere by the IT industry degrading our environment and increasing global warming levels and endangering the sustainability and the future of our planet for the future generations.

Recent studies show that by the year 2020, CO2 emissions from the information technologies industry (IT) will surpass the emissions levels from the aeronautic industry.

Green Website badges certifies the production of clean energy (Green Energy) on behalf of third parties from 0% CO2 renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind generators, the green energy production is registered and accounted to your website.

Through your website you can contribute to minimize global CO2 emissions and climate changes by investing on a eco-friendly green web presence where all the energy used is generated without CO2 emissions.

Have you thought of how much Kwh of energy is consumed by websites and how much CO2 is emitted ?

Website Energy Consumption MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester UK

1OOkWh produces 40KG of CO2 and 400 kWh produces around 160 KG of CO2.

We have green website designs and banners that you can choose from. The icon provides a direct link to your digital green website certificate. We have a environmental policy and work directly with small energy producers to insure us that more and more powerful 0% CO2 renewable energy production systems come alive everyday.

Switch on your website to the power of Green Energy, embrace the future, be positive and respect nature, green businesses are moving fast forward…

Green Website Badges MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester UK



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    great post, thanks for taking the time to write it


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