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Mobile and tablet is reaching critical mass. According to Forester Research, Inc.,mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by 2016. The ubiquity of mobile phones, tablets, improved infrastructure, advances in device utility, overall market penetration and the hype around the iPhone and android are driving phenomenal growth.

Mobile and tablet users expect quick, anytime transactions that work flawlessly same us desktop websites.We encourage you to promote your business websites through mobile and tablet friendly ads to have more localized business.

MCS Technologies offers stunning full page ad designs on a range of devices. Design services are available on iPad,iPhone,Android phone and Android tablet.

To reach full addressable audience after your website is live, you should run ad campaign specific to the device where the ad runs in a creative and touching way. Mobile optimized landing pages and custom landing pages offer richer user interactions. A click – tracking tool can monitor the effect of ad campaign.

Best Practices

  • Bold, dramatic and colorful photos are more provocative.
  • Type should be some thing between 24px and 32px at retina resolution
  • There should be clear tappable area and messaging space in the design.
  • Designs should be adjusted as per the requirement for the targeted device.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind,

Mobile and Tablet Ad Designs MCS Technologies Ltd Mobile Websites Mobile Landing Pages Leicester

If your questions haven’t been answered or if you would like to discuss
co-marketing opportunities, please write to or +442070962069


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