Sucessfull Display Ads

If you are incorporating display ads as part of your marketing approach, you’ll need to consider a number of factors to create a truly effective ad that drives traffic to your landing page.

Courtesy : Google Ad

Courtesy : Google Ad

Here are some tips to ponder prior to launching your display ad campaign:

Purpose :

Get clear about the purpose of your ad.Ask your self what you want to generate: (a) leads; (b) mail order or phone sales; (c) store or website visits?


Select your target audience (what you see in your mind as your “perfect clients”).If you own a small or home-based business, consider appealing to a niche audience to improve the cost-effectiveness of your marketing


Using the Law of Attraction, You have about 2 seconds to catch their interest. Consider tailoring the color scheme to match the color of that site’s pages


Write simply and from the heart. Let readers feel your energy. Design is important. Size matters


Include testimonials to make prospects feel safe about contacting you.

Call- to-action:

Indicate clearly how you wish readers to respond: (a) call for free more information or to make an appointment; (b) visit your website


Give readers an incentive to respond: (a) free gift; (b) free information; (c) free sample; (d) money back guarantee.


Make sure your ad text and images are balanced within the body of the display ad and within the overall ad size.

Track ad response:

Good marketing is rigorous experimentation. You’ll need to track not only the ads with the most click through but also the landing pages that work best.


There’s certainly a lot to think about. Display ads can provide an increase in brand reach for you and drive visitors to your site. It’s worth considering to have display ads for your site. We are available here for discussion.

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