Mobile App Development

The first mobile call was tested out in the early 1970s. Since then, the growth of mobile technology has not looked back. Not restricted by location, they want to acess anything, anytime and anywhere. The advances in portable handheld hardware such as smart phones and tablets has increased customers demand.

By 2013, the internet will be accessed by more handheld mobile technology than laptops and pc’s. If we know this about your customers, is your online
presence optimised for mobile marketing and are you making the most out of the opporunities it presents to reach your customers?

Over a quarter of adults (27 per cent) and almost half of teenagers (47 per cent) now own a smartphone, according to Ofcom’s latest Communications Market

Nearly 75% of mobile users send text messages, 60% take pictures, 40% used email, and 35% accessed social networks. What do these numbers mean for
marketers? It means they need to understand the value associated with this platform and use it to reach their target audience.

The mobile advertising industry is expected to be a 5 billion dollar industry by 2015, so don’t assume this is a short-lived fad.

If you have not considered using mobile marketing as part of your advertising strategy, you are already behind. Catch up with MCS Technologies Ltd

We create wonderful and noteworthy apps which will help you hit the headlines, and provide the competitive edge in business world at MCS Technologies.

Why MCS Technologies Ltd?

  • You can find experienced IPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry Application Developers at MCS Technologies
  • We are experts in designing classic customized art and graphics for mobile apps
  • Spot the Specialists for developing web interfaces for IPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android applications at MCS Technologies Ltd
  • We Utilize the latest and unique features of IPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices

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Unit M1.12 Innovation Centre
49 Oxford Street
United Kingdom




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