83% Of SEO team believes focusing on reviews provide Good Return On Investment (ROI)

We were reading an article recently and found opinions of agencies and local search consultants on the subject of online reputation and reviews.

As per the content written in How Online Marketing help to grow a business? we would like to add the analysis of review and reputation of SEO techniques and how many people believes that it can be converted into ROI.

As per InsideLocal and the article published in searchengineland.com

Key Findings:

  • 44% spend less than 10% of their time on reputation/review related tasks.
  • 73% spend 0-20% of their time on reputation/review related tasks.
  • Only 28% spend more than 21% of their time on reputation/review related tasks.

SEO company in winnersh

Have you ever tried and tested review strategy that you use?

Please see below the analysis published by insidelocal

Have you ever thought that reviews/reputation management delivers good ROI?
Please see below the analysis published by insidelocal


Some web development predictions and trends- 2014

We were expecting a continued improvement in the web technologies and a decline in the use of legacy browsers for this year 2014. The transition will empower web developers to build faster apps which will perform consistently across all devices as well as being on-par with the speed and capability of native apps.

1) CSS3 3D transforms

More developers starts concentrating on CSS3 3D transforms, a lightweight, mobile-friendly method of rendering 3D graphics.

2) Usage of HTML5 Javascript API

Some of the cool APIs in the HTML 5 JavaScript specification are as follows:

Web Storage: This provides a cleaner alternative to cookies, as data can now be persistently stored locally on the user’s browser. This will be especially handy for use in mobile apps as it allows simple offline storage of client data.
WebSockets: These are an exciting, faster alternative to AJAX for real-time communication. We should see an increase in the utilisation of WebSockets for live-chat and online-gaming.
Web Workers: This allow multiple complex JavaScript tasks to be performed simultaneously, without the penalties on performance. Workers will be one of the fundamental building blocks for every mobile web app striving to perform like a native app.
Application Cache: This is another powerful feature which will allow web apps to behave more like native apps by caching the whole app for offline use.

3) Javascript and client side web apps

We started to see kick off this trend in 2013, and we believe we’ll see it continue through 2014. There are many benefits to building an app entirely with client-side technologies. Here are a few big reasons:

  • Deployment of technologies is a lot more easier as the app can be deployed on any server as static pages
  • Developers no need to learn a new languagess
  • HTML5 JS APIs make possible to do all the things a heavy server-side framework can do.

4) Front end framework evolution

Front end framewoks were very popular for the year 2013 and its a constant improvement in the workflow for this year. Some of the frond end development stack we could see this year is:

  • Task runner
  • Testing server
  • Bootstrap or foundation (The frond end development framework)
  • Seamless integration with any platform
  • Dependency Management
  • Ease of deployment through command line

Yeoman- This is a free tool which closely matches above said criteria, it seems to get more helpful and powerful with each new version, so is definitely one to watch.

Mixture- a desktop app which also takes care of all workflow tasks.

5) Development beyond the screen

The release of weird and whacky ways (such as through wearable technology) is more likely to see in 2014 to view media. Google Glass is a great example of this. Developing a web app which behaves itself on these futuristic devices is bound to cause some headaches.

The Glass’ browser (named XE7) has a resolution of 640×360 pixels and it can be controlled with voice, by a touch-sensor on the side of the glasses or with head movements.

How do we design ?

Web Design Process MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester mcstech.co.uk

Whether your Internet project is large or small, our web design methodology will always contains these critical elements:

  1. A look at your product/service/concept/ideology. Whatever it is that you are hoping to promote. What features does it have? And more importantly what benefits does it bring to your potential customer. NOTE this process is the most important part of the project. From this list of benefits will grow the framework and emphasis of the website.
  2. A look at your typical customers. (Or your ideal target customer. That’s right, they may not be the same) Do they belong to a typical market “value segment”? What are the things that are important to them? What “style” do they respond to? Funky? conservative? friendly? What problems does your product or service solve for them? What need or want does it fulfil?
  3. A look at the competition. What do they do better than you? What do you do better than them? What can you offer your customers that they can’t/don’t? Why do your customers prefer to deal with you (HINT: ask them!)? This process helps to determine your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The thing that sets you apart from everybody else in your line of business.
  4. Establish the goal of the website. Exactly what action do you want your site visitors to take? place an order? Join your email newsletter? Request your freebie? Generate a sales query? They must do SOMETHING. What are the primary and secondary objectives?
  5. Choosing key search phrases. This process may establish 20-50 potential “search phrases” or words that your ideal prospect might use to find your product in a search engine like Google or Yahoo! We establish these now so that they can be worked into the text, headings and navigation links on your site. This gives you a head-start in achieving high rankings and a much better chance of being found by your prospect when she uses a search engine to find your product.
  6. Design and usability. Establish the look and feel, design the structure and navigation while complying with accepted usability standards.
  7. Offline marketing. How will the offline and online aspect complement or help each other?
  8. Write the words. We’ll start with some of your existing marketing material and polish it with what we have learned from all the steps above. Then we’ll read it again and fix it and polish it some more.
  9. Choose the images. Carefully chosen photography must enhance your message or inform in its own right. Beware! Whirling Gizmos don’t sell. Letters jumping into an email envelope don’t make me want to email you! Flash and other forms of animation should be used judiciously and kept to a minimum. Why? Because they distract visitors from your message.
  10. Build and code. Then and only then does page construction and coding begin.
  11. Test. We test the browser compatibility, navigation, forms, links and database programming. We don’t want your reputation tarnished by having your prospects find the problems before we do!Web design services MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester
  12. Usability testing. This can be as simple as creating some “tasks” for a novice user to carry out on the website, monitoring for problem areas, bottlenecks and confusion. Large, complex websites should invest in a detailed usability study to eliminate stumbling-blocks. The goal is to ensure a straightforward, plain-sailing website which leads your prospect directly to the response you’re aiming for.
  13. Revise where necessary as a result of the usability test and client feedback.
  14. Go-live!
  15. Acceptance testing. This is usually a short period after launch in which the client may ask for amendments (but not major changes outside of the original scope) at no charge. The length of time appropriate for acceptance testing will depend on the size, complexity, and technology architecture of the web site.

Web Design Process MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester

Social Media Photo Dimensions July 2013

Marketers say they have 3 seconds or less to catch someone’s eye if they want to get an idea across.

In todays real-time world our in-house designers and non designers work together to create visual content for your brands so that you can win prospects attention and can convert them into customers.

Recent image focused redesign of sites like Instagram and Pinterest, facebook’s news feeds etc are clearly highlighting a new wave of visual content consumption patterns.

Our experience shows that photos generate 53% more views than an average post

To help you get started with visual content, this post will specifically give you a helpful cheat sheet you can bookmark and reference when creating the cover photos for your business’ various social media accounts.

Social Media Visual Content Designs Leicester


See an example here  (Click me)


Twitter Header Image

See an example here(Click me) 

Google Plus

See an example here 


See an example here(Click me) 


  • File size – 4MB maximum.
  • Pixel size: 200 x 200 minimum and 500 x 500 maximum.
  • Logo should be 100 x 60 pixels
See an example here(Click me) 


See an example here


See an example here 

 Just add your creative to a social network’s corresponding slide, save it as an image file, and upload it.


Social Media Designs

Thanks and Regards

Marketing Team.

Thinking Green

World Environment Day (WED) June 5th is a day aimed to increase local awareness and promote green issues.

Here at MCS Technologies Ltd UK we aim to make a difference, whether it be building you a Greener Web solution to reducing your Carbon Footprint or move your current Website to a more Greener, Eco-Friendly hosting Solution.
As well as the Eco-Friendly & Sustainable solutions and Tree Planting, we are also incredibly proud to be supporting Green Achiever.Green Achiever MCS Technologies ltd Leicsester UK

Today there are more than 226 million active websites world wide and hosting even the smallest website structure is responsible for at least 40 Kg of CO2 emissions every year, it means that one billion tones of CO2 are annually released to the atmosphere by the IT industry degrading our environment and increasing global warming levels and endangering the sustainability and the future of our planet for the future generations.

Recent studies show that by the year 2020, CO2 emissions from the information technologies industry (IT) will surpass the emissions levels from the aeronautic industry.

Green Website badges certifies the production of clean energy (Green Energy) on behalf of third parties from 0% CO2 renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind generators, the green energy production is registered and accounted to your website.

Through your website you can contribute to minimize global CO2 emissions and climate changes by investing on a eco-friendly green web presence where all the energy used is generated without CO2 emissions.

Have you thought of how much Kwh of energy is consumed by websites and how much CO2 is emitted ?

Website Energy Consumption MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester UK

1OOkWh produces 40KG of CO2 and 400 kWh produces around 160 KG of CO2.

We have green website designs and banners that you can choose from. The icon provides a direct link to your digital green website certificate. We have a environmental policy and work directly with small energy producers to insure us that more and more powerful 0% CO2 renewable energy production systems come alive everyday.

Switch on your website to the power of Green Energy, embrace the future, be positive and respect nature, green businesses are moving fast forward…

Green Website Badges MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester UK


SEO is a technique of analyzing and constructing your website in order to boost the rankings of your site pages for specific keywords in the search engines. SEO can make your website content more visible, more appropriate and more easily accessible by the search engines and their crawling bots. It also makes easy for your potential customers to locate your website. Moreover, SEO allows you to be recognized globally. Here are the ways we  optimise  your website.


Website Analytics

No matter how amazing your content/ website is, if you don’t know how to drive traffic to it, measure your website’s performance and keep up with the competition, your online business is doomed.

Website analytics are the key to your online success. You’ll get everything you must know about Google website analytics, plus a variety of exercises to help you fine-tune your analysis skills and step-by-step instructions that allow you to increase traffic to your website.

Maximise your return on investement with MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester UK

Here are the few things you need to dig into while doing analytics:

1. Keyword:

Everyone knows that keywords are the most fundamental building blocks in driving traffic to their website. It works like this: Google Analytics > Traffic Sources > Overview. Here you’ll find out which keywords and articles are driving traffic for you, even details on who’s searching for which keywords, such as country, browsers being used and paid campaigns that are working for you.

Google Analytics with MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester UK

2. Referal website:

Google’s Analytics will give you data on your referring websites to build valuable inbound links that Google has to your site. Visit the referring websites to see where the links are located on their website and analyse how many clicks have you got.You might not even know that the wrong kind of sites are sending traffic to you and damaging your reputation with Google.

3. Visibility

Google keeps track of every search made by every human being and software program on the World Wide Web. Visibility is the relative position of your web page or website in the list of “natural” search engine results returned when someone queries a search engine with a search term related to your website.

Your objective is to be listed on the first page of search engine results (SER), near the top. The process of achieving this – for many related search terms – is called search engine optimization.

4. Page Rank:

Page rank has a unique meaning Analayse your performance with MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester UKwithin the context of the Google search engine. The fundamental principle of Page Rank is that web pages that link to your web pages give your pages a higher page rank. Getting quality websites in the same line of business to link to your website helps your page rank, which helps increase visibility.

5. Link popularity:

Link popularity is a measurement of the number of links from other websites to your website pages. The more links, the higher your link popularity.

There are several categories of links between websites

  • Inbound links are links from other websites to your pages. 
  • Outbound links are links from your pages to other websites. 
  • Reciprocal links are links that are exchanged to another site and that site will link to you. 
  • One way links are links from one site to another, without a reciprocal link back.
  • Paid link submission involves paying a “link farm” website to link back to your website.

6.Monitor your Metrics:

Learn how the way visitors interact with your content helps you see what works, what doesn’t and where your time should be spent in the attempts of improving performance.

Trends in Business website

7. Track your competitors’

It’s incredibly easy to track your competition and avoid unpleasant surprises, once you have the tools at your fingertips in Google Website Analytics. The website analytics tools we recommend, including AdBeat and SpyFu, will increase the effectiveness of your ads, increase ROI and drive profits.

Other tools to see how you are doing now include:

AdWords Performance Grader,OpenSiteExplorer,Google Alerts,TweetBeep,Compete Site Analytics.

8.Social Media

Increase your social media presence to building brand awareness and loyalty, which in turn lead to more sales. Use this tools to see how you are doing now:

Google Social Analytics,AddThis,HootSuite,SocialBakers,

9.Geo-behavioral targeting

Geo-behavioral targeting allows you to specify different segments of visitors and show particular contentGeo-behavioral targeting with MCS Technologies Ltd Leicester and offers to them. You can also use visitors’ location to personalize the page, for example showing a particular content for visitors from New York and showing some other content for visitors from London.

10. Heat maps

Heat maps show you where your visitors are clicking and where they aren’t.  Click maps  on the other hand, give you exact click statistics(Google Analytics . Heat map will track clicks on different elements depending on their location on the page.

Conclusion :

The number of visitors who come to your website can directly correlate to how much revenue you’re getting from all of that traffic – that is, if you have the right conversion architecture set up on every page of your website

We’ve strategically designed our SEO services with proven strategies to increase your online visibility by generating more traffic, more sales and more leads. You can visit our SEO services here

Online marketing is used to sell virtually everything and anything. Analytics and online marketing campaign data can reveal strengths and weaknesses in marketing campaigns and online marketing resources deployed accordingly. You can view our SEM services here

If you have any questions please drop in an email at  enquiries@mcstech.co.uk or request quote in our website

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